The WFX-FIT Test

Throughout the WFX-FIT circuit, the participant wears work-out clothing, running shoes or work boots (if agency requirement) and a weighted belt which encumbers the participant with the weight of normal wildland fireline work wear.

The timed circuit involves 4 separate components performed in a continuous sequence over 40 metre laps with cone markers at each 20 metre end line.

  1. Timing of the circuit begins when the participant cross the starting line while carrying the simulation pump (28.5 kg) from a 1 metre platform on their back.  For safety purposes, the WFX-FIT Appraiser assists with the lifting and lowering of the pump onto and off the participant’s back. The simulation pump is carried on the back for a total of 160 metres (4 laps over the 40 metre course) traversing a ramp (35 degree pitch, 1.22 metres) every 20 metres, then the simulation pump is returned to the platform.

  1. Next, the participant picks up the simulation pump from the platform in his/her hands and carries it for 80 metres (2 laps of the 40 metre) without traversing the ramp.


  1. The participant then places the simulation pump back onto the platform, picks up the WFX-FIT hose pack containing 4 lengths of hose (25kg) from the ground and hoists it onto his/her back, then carries the hose pack 1 kilometre (25 laps of the 40 metre course) traversing the ramp every 20 metres.


  1. In the final component of the circuit, the participant drags a weighted sled 80 metre (2 laps of the 40 metre course) on level ground to simulate advancing a charged hose (pull force required to move sled = 18.5 kg).  Turn lines are also marked 3 metres beyond the end line so the participant knows when the sled has crossed the end line without looking behind.


WFX-FIT Demonstration Video


Summarized WFX-FIT Protocol


Distance; # of times over ramp

Carry Pump on Back

160 metres; 4 X 40 metres over ramp 8 times

Hand Carry Pump

80 metres; 2 X 40 metres over no ramps

Hose Pack Lift & Carry on Back

1 kilometre; 25 X 40 metres over ramp 50 times

Charged Hose Advance

80 metres; 2 X 40 metres over no ramps


The test circuit.