Instructions For Participants

The safety and wellness of Type 1 Wildland Fire Fighters (WFF) is a high priority for the Canadian Interagency Forest Fire Centre (CIFFC) and its’ member agencies.

WFX-FIT is an unbiased, valid and reliable assessment of the ability of WFF to meet the rigorous demands required to safely and efficiently complete the critical emergency tasks involved in wildland fire fighting in Canada.

An emergency wildland fire fighting task is defined as a task in which the safety of the fire fighter, a co-worker or the public may be compromised by failure to complete or inefficient job performance.

The test circuit incorporates four (4) performance components that are the most important, frequently occurring and physically demanding tasks identified for WFF:                    
· Carrying a pump on the back;
· Carrying a pump in the hands;
· Lifting and carrying a hose pack containing 4 lengths of hose; and
· Charged hose advance.

The WFX-FIT circuit is also based on the importance of working in various types of terrain as identified by the WFF. The circuit components are identical for WFF in all agencies because they simulate the physically demanding tasks all WFF face. The time it takes WFF to complete the tasks simulates the increasing difficulty of working in challenging terrains such as mountains and muskeg.

The four (4) components of the circuit simulate the tasks carried out on a fire and the physical demands necessary to carry out the fire fighting tasks.

WFX-FIT is completed as a timed circuit. All four (4) components must be tested together. In order to qualify for national export, WFF will be required to meet the national exchange standard of 14 minutes and 30 seconds.

Agency standards have been set at 14 minutes and 30 seconds, 17 minutes and 15 seconds, 17 minutes and 45 seconds and 20 minutes 15 seconds. Check with the Appraiser to find out if an Agency standard applies for you.



  • When you as a participant arrive for the WFX-FIT testing, you must provide proper photo identification. This will be documented on the Participant WFX-FIT Results Recording and Reporting Form.
  • Wear running shoes or work boots with good treads(if required by your agency) and exercise clothing.
  • Do not smoke for two hours prior to the test.
  • Do not eat a heavy meal during the two hours prior to the test and refrain from drinking caffeine, energy drinks or alcoholic beverages prior to the test.
  • Do not exercise vigorously in the 24 hours prior to the test.

Clearance to Participate

  • Prior to undergoing the WFX-FIT test, participants must complete the PAR-Q+ form.

    French version of the PAR-Q+ - Q-AAP+

    • A positive (YES) answer to one or more questions requires follow-up and clearance of the candidate for participation in the WFX-FIT testing. In some cases clearance can be provided by a CSEP Certified Exercise Physiologist, but it may require a health care professional using the ePARmed-X+. The participant must provide the completed clearance form(s) to the WFX-FIT Appraiser.

  • Your blood pressure will be measured onsite before the test.  A resting or pre WFX-FIT blood pressure ≤ 160/90 mmHg is required.

  • If your blood pressure exceeds this cut point you will require primary health care provider clearance because of the vigorous intensity nature of the WFX-FIT test.