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For more information about WFX-FIT testing dates and locations, contact the agency you are interested in from the list to the right.

For personnel returning to their seasonal position who wish to take the WFX-FIT test in another province/jurisdiction

A request for testing (email) will be sent from the home agency participant's supervisor/manager to the testing province/jurisdiction's WFX-FIT coordinator (lead) and would include:

     a) The participant's name

     b) The location and date of the test they wish to attend

Prospective job applicants should be aware that it is incumbent on each agency to determine whether WFX-FIT testing job candidates for potential employment in another jurisdiction is in that agency's best interest.

It is the responsibility of the job applicant to research and identify agencies that may offer this service. For those agencies that will complete testing for prospective job applicants the test results will be provided directly to the participant.

Agency Standards

The goal of the CIFFC and forest fire management organizations across Canada was to establish a national exchange performance standard that would enable CIFFC to safely exchange Type 1 fire fighters among member fire agencies anywhere in Canada.  If a Type 1 fire fighter demonstrates that he or she meets the WFX-FIT national exchange perrformance standard,  he or she is capable of safely and effectively fighting wildland fires in any fire agency in Canada.

The national exchange performance standard has been set at 14 minutes and 30 seconds, based in part on the performance of experienced Type 1 firefighters completing the circuit at the same safe and efficient emergency pace that they would utilize to work a wildland fire on the job.

Information about individual agency fitness standards is available through the appropriate agency.